Synergies between #SkillIndia and Engineering Colleges

Every year 6 lac engineers graduate out of  few thousand engineering colleges and only 20% of them are employable. (Source : 3rd edition of National Employability Report for Engineers). This is not just bad for an Emerging Economy, aspiring to grow in double digit, but also it would destabilize social harmony, because remaining 80% disillusioned and dissatisfied youth would someday hit to the streets.

Most would attribute low employability to the quality of education in Engineering Colleges. Many engineering colleges don’t have proper training infrastructure and also teaching staff is not up to the mark. This is mainly due to funding problems. Equation of   cost of good infrastructure vis a vis Fees income. Hence, most colleges and unwilling compelled to compromise on quality of training.

While this is the situation at academia side, the industry is getting geared up “Make in India” and over next few quarters, it would start ramping up capacity. Government has also committed heavily to building new infrastructure such as road, water ways. All this will need professionally groomed /skilled engineers, which are not going to come from China or Africa. They need come from the pool of remaining 80 %, who are sitting idle or directionless.

Through “Skill India” mission, Ministry of Skill Development has earmarked Rs. 30000   Crs over next 3 years, for Skill Development. It is inviting proposals to set up state of the art skill development centres under PMKVY or DDU-GKY. Many new entrants are musrooming in Skill Development Eco-system. They are setting up skill development centres in rented premises with limited training resources. This is counter productive for the Skill India Mission.  The nos. are getting displayed on ministry websites but credibility a big Question.

Skill India Mission, through NSDC, should proactively approach every engineering college, which is having its own building infrastructure. There should be coordinators for every city, who keeps following up with the colleges. He creates awareness about funding mechanism and work as a bridge between NSDC and Engineering Colleges. This partnership will go long way in creating a sustainable Eco-system, which will roll out skilled & employable engineers from these colleges.



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