Industry Academia Communication Gap

In last several years many 1000s of colleges have been established in India, be them Arts, Science, Commerce Colleges, Engineering Colleges,  Diploma Colleges & Industrial Training Institutes (ITIs). Many industrial groups have promoted so many colleges, still Industry doesn’t the skills they need from candidates passing from most of these institution. Why ?

Over so many decades, the syllabi of these courses have remained static,  they haven’t changed for decades. e.g. in 1980s we used to have 8085 microprocessor kits, in the Electronics labs. Till recent time, we heard, students developing projects around same kits. In spite of Industry people on various committees consulting Government on new trends in the industry, changing paradigms of industry and in turn changes in required skills to work in Industry at entry level.

Candidates passing from premier institutes such as IIMs and IITs are getting placed at middle or top level of the industry pyramid, that means their skills are acceptable to industry, because they are related mainly to management aspect of industry. However, there is a pathetic situation at the bottom of pyramid. The chasm of skill demand and supply is consistently increasing.

In spite of more than 7 decades of Independence, we are not able to get out of Colonial hangover. Like so many other areas, our current education system find its roots in  British rule, the education system, designed by Robert Machaulay to produce clerks for British Empire, still continues.

All right, Government of the day, as it appears in approaching to issues in mission mode, be it Swaccha Bharat Abhiyan, Make in India, Skill India, etc. However, there is a threat of these missions, remaining only narratives.  It’s high time, India needs transformational changes in education system. We need education system, which is current, dynamic and adaptive to the changes in industrial & business environment. We need the education system, where in syllabi are responsive to the changing dynamics of external environment. We should keep reviewing our courses, syllabi on annual basis. The outcomes of the reviews should be reflected in the changes of courses.

It is need of the our to take “Education India” in mission mode and transform education system. Along with quality, we should also scale up the system. Then only, world will look at India as a “Skill Capital of the World”.


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