Industry Academia Communication Gap

In last several years many 1000s of colleges have been established in India, be them Arts, Science, Commerce Colleges, Engineering Colleges,  Diploma Colleges & Industrial Training Institutes (ITIs). Many industrial groups have promoted so many colleges, still Industry doesn't the skills they need from candidates passing from most of these institution. Why ? Over so … Continue reading Industry Academia Communication Gap


Synergies between #SkillIndia and Engineering Colleges

Every year 6 lac engineers graduate out of  few thousand engineering colleges and only 20% of them are employable. (Source : 3rd edition of National Employability Report for Engineers). This is not just bad for an Emerging Economy, aspiring to grow in double digit, but also it would destabilize social harmony, because remaining 80% disillusioned … Continue reading Synergies between #SkillIndia and Engineering Colleges